Privacy Policy

British IELTS Certification Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for IELTS Certificate

1.1 Your privacy is in our DNA. We vow to protect your personal information. Your data and contact information will not be shared to the general public.

1.2 People work very hard to earn a living. It’s prohibited to collect someone’s money when you won’t be able to give them what they want. We assure you that, you won’t leave this place without your desired result. We shall fight with you till the very end.

1.3 All conversations regarding  your process, are end to end encrypted. Nobody is aware that you are undergoing any form of processing here.

1.4 We are here to guide and assist you to achieve your dreams and not destroy you. All processes are 100% genuine and legal. We have designed a step by step algorithm to school you about what each process is all about.

1.5 Money is not our priority but your success.

IELTS Certification Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy for IELTS Certificate

What you must do in order to be successful with us.

2.1 All candidates are required to engage their process with a minimum fee based on their program of interest. We shall only evaluate registration entries based on your payment status or history. We only offer free guides and tips, and not the services we offer.
2.2 You must learn how to respect the officials carrying out your process regardless of your status, gender, race….Respect is mutual.
2.3 You are required to have a calm spirit, patience and most importantly, cultivate a reading habit. Most confidential information regarding your process are shared to your email address. Any mail you receive, we recommend you take your time and read before asking questions.
2.4 You must follow all the steps required for your process before you will be able to obtain your desired results.IELTS Certification Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy for IELTS Certificate
2.5 You must provide all useful information needed for your process. Good luck