ielts tips for writing

IELTS tips for writing: You have to make sure that you do not make any major errors while writing the essay, making minor errors is fine. The examiner also checks whether the grammar used in the sentence framed is appropriate, in order to score a 8 band score the grammar that you use must be excellent and the sentence must look unique.  IELTS tips for writing,

IELTS tips Speaking

IELTS tips speaking: Again in speaking also same like writing the performance will measured on the basis of 4 criterias which are explained below:

Before you take your test, start talking to your friends, family and peers in English. You can also record yourself to hear how confident you sound and if you need to work on your pronunciation.

Don’t be scared of giving wrong or right answers in your test. Remember, the examiner will see how articulate you are in expressing your opinions in English.

There is no need to be stressed in your Speaking test. The examiner is not giving you marks on the answers you give, but on how well you can speak on your opinion of thought.

Avoid repetition of examiner’s question as a part of your answer. Understand the question and rephrase it in your own language.

Do not slow down or pace up your speaking. Be natural, like how you talk to people in regular life. Speaking quickly may end up in pronunciation mistakes.

Try being as detailed as you can when answering. Develop your responses to each question rather than just answering in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Always use the correct verb tenses when answering the question. For instance, if you are asked ‘What kind of music do you like?’ (present tense), do not answer in past tense.

Practise how to pronounce the numbers clearly. For instance, when spoken, numbers like ‘Forty’ and ‘Fourteen’ may sound similar.

Do not try to use complicated words in your conversation if you are not comfortable. Keep it simple and casual. However yes, if you can use advanced vocabulary, it will be of advantage. 


In the speaking test, you should be able to speak confidently without hesitation, and in the speaking test mainly the fluency of the test taker English language is measured, and if the test taker is able to speak English fluently without stammering then he will have chances of getting 8 band score in the speaking test., IELTS tips speaking


The examiner expects you to use some complex words while explaining the situation and along with that you should be able to explain the meaning of the complex words that are used, the examiner may be impressed if you use idioms while speaking and also explain the original meaning of that. If you speak on the given topic fluently without thinking much about what to explain, the examiner will understand that you have knowledge about the topic and may also give you an 8 band score.


Here the examiner will check if the speaking is in a structured way. If you are not that great in the English language while writing you will be able to manage but while speaking it becomes challenging for non-native speakers to speak fluently., IELTS tips speaking


If the candidate speaks continuously and fluently without any efforts from the examiner and if the test taker is able to pronounce all the complex words during the test, he has high chances of getting a high band score. You can as well PTE without exam. Buy PTE Certificate Online or OET Without Exam

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