How to Buy an IELTS certificate

How to buy an IELTS certificate, is quick and easy.

Learning how to buy an IELTS certificate online from the comfort of your home is quick, easy and straightforward.  This method has helped a lot of candidates who could not secure their dream scores using the test or the traditional test method. We have taken time to outline the following steps which you can use as a guide throughout your journey of buying an IELTS certificate instead of taking the test. 

Step 1 - Find an agent or agency

All you need is an internet connection and a browser to find someone who can register you an IELTS certificate without you appearing for an exam

There are hundreds of fake websites and thousands of fake facebook, instagram, tiktok and many other social media accounts, that claims to offer these services. So you should be careful when picking an agent. British IELTS Certification, should be the agency you should work with. We are the best in this. 

Step 2 - learn more about the cost and procedure

Before making such an important move in choosing an agent, insure you find more about the steps or algorithm they use to achieve this. Learn more about their fee structure before enrolling. 

You can contact our support team to learn more about the steps we use.  Contact Support !!!

Step 3 - Register for the process & submit your information

Once you are comfortable with the agency and their procedures, you can safely submit your information like: Personal information, Photograph of yourself and identification document. In regards to payment, most agents require an upfront payment, to cover your registration expenses. 

Once you obtain your certificate, follow this guide to learn how to verify your an IELTS certificate to insure it’s legitimate. For those with PTE certificates, you can use read this article about PTE verification.

Leaked IELTS Exam papers

We offer Leaked IELTS Exam Papers with  Answers Keys of your upcoming test date. The exam papers come exactly as it will on the examination date. 

IELTS Scores Modification

You can hire us to update your IELTS if you had a mediocre result. These services can completely change your scores to your desired ones.