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The IELTS Test is made up of four sections, reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will receive an IELTS score for each of these sections, between band scores 1-9. Each IELTS score is worth 25% of your overall IELTS band score, so no section of the test is weighted more than the other. To get your overall IELTS band score, each section of the test is calculated and then your band score is the average of those four scores. Overall listening, reading, writing and speaking scores are rounded up to the nearest .5. So, if your average overall raw score is 6.75, this will be rounded up to a 7. However, this is not the case with individual sections of the test where scores are rounded down. For example, in IELTS writing, if you get a 6.75 IELTS score, this would be rounded down to a 6.5 and NOT rounded up to a 7. All the band scores for listening, reading, writing and speaking will be shown on your test report form with your overall IELTS test score shown clearly.

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