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IDP is now the main provider of IELTS in India. This was the biggest IELTS news so far added to the fact that India holds approximately 40% of the world IELTS market. Questions like which one is preferable British Council or IDP? Will now be avoided. There is a collective goal and a more focused road to all Indians which is IDP. IDP IELTS certification has been the first choice of many candidates from Asia. They have always preferred this over British Council for reasons we don’t know why. The sold of IELTS British Council India, came in as a good news to many since they now have only one choice to make, added to the fact that, IDP has always been their preferred options. 

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IDP IELTS Certificate in India

The rise of IDP in India has put in place many important updates at the level of distribution of the Test Report Form(TRF). The covid-19 outbreak, made candidates from india to have access to their TRFs without the need of contacting their centers or reaching out to them in person. The electronic TRF was implemented to reduce the spread of covid 19. If you are new to IELTS you may find the eTRF strange, which is totally normal to anyone who have previously seen the initial certificate. The eTRF of IDP India comes without the IELTS watermark and the logos of the 2 main providers of the IELTS certification. If you have taken the test, the easiest way to access your eTRF, is by signing in to your account, go to the TRF section and download it. Note that, you can only find it there after when the results are out.  Find reference below. You can as well PTE without exam. Buy PTE Certificate Online or OET Without Exam

IDP IELTS Certificate Without Exam


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How To Register For IELTS IDP Certificate

If you are looking for how to register for IELTS IDP then simply follow the steps below:

Registration without exam. Yes it’s the most used way for people looking for fast and easy method of obtaining an IDP IELTS certificate. We provide the best and safe methods to grant you that Desired band scores. To get started, simply click on book now to submit the information that are required for the process.

With the exam road. Booking a test date and participating in the exam, is one of the road where most people have been using to acquire an IDP IELTS Certificate. Simply go to IDP website, pick a date, Register for the exam and participate on the test date.

Steps To Follow

We can help you registered real, verify, genuine and authentic IELTS Certificate online in both British Council and IDP .
You can buy your IELTS Certificate online using the steps below:

1) Click on this link to book now!!
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5) Get back to the support team on whatsapp to submit to submit the other requirements
6) The processing time is 7 working days.

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