How To Check If  a PTE  Certificate Is Genuine Or Not?


How To Check If  a PTE  Certificate Is Genuine Or Not?  Knowing how to verify your PTE score card to confirm the authenticity, is a skill you should learn today in order to avoid being scammed or getting banned by submitting a fake PTE score card. Follow the simple steps below to help you verify your PTE score with ease. IELTS verification guide.
PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. This test was designed to measure candidates’ abilities to Listen, Speak, Read and Write the English language similar to what the International Language Testing System  (IELTS) does. This test is required by the immigration, universities, organizations and even institutions wanting a candidate to prove their competences in using the English language. It’s very important for candidates to submit a registered PTE certificate or score card to any of the bodies mentioned above. If you try to use an unregistered PTE score card, you can easily get banned. Buy PTE certificate online
Verifying your PTE score card online is an important skill to know. The internet is saturated with many easy ways to achieve, PTE without exam, IELTS without exam, GRE without exam and so on. If you got your PTE scores without exam or better still, you contacted an online agency that promised you to offer these services to help you get your PTE scores with ease, then this article is for you. We encourage you to verify the PTE scores card you obtained now before you ever submit it to the university or immigration. Follow the guides below to get started. You can also obtain: PTE without exam. Buy PTE Certificate Online or OET Without Exam

PTE Certificate Verification

The PTE certificate verification is strictly done online. When you are done with your test, you can expect the result within the nearest future. Basically Pearson PTE, releases your Score Report Card within 2-5 days. In order to access and verify your performance, you shall do the following:


Input your Login Credentials you obtained when booking the test

How To Check If a PTE Certificate Is Genuine Or Not


2) Navigate through your account and go to the My Activity Tab

You will be able to see your test information. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you shall see View Score. 

PTE certificate verification


3 Once you click on View Score

 If you find your PTE score card under the section, with the exact score of the score card you possess, then it means the PTE certificate is genuine. 

verify PTE certificate

Once you complete the verification process, since PTE is strictly digital, you can easily share your score card on your own. All you have to do is, download the PDF version of your score card, and submit it to their university or organization requesting for it. You can also learn about how to check if an IELTS certificate is genuine or not?


Get PTE Certificate Without Exam

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PTE score without exam

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